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Tractor Beam

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Todd


Manufacturing Content
App Store: Tractor Beam $0.99

Tractor Beam looks like the classic Asteroids game, but you have no engine and no weapons other than your trusty tractor beam! This is a distance game and you move by touching asteroids to engage your tractor beam. You can use your tractor beam ahead and behind your ship to gain speed or reduce your speed as needed. You can also use double touch to use two tractor beams simultaneously for some complex strategies. The game starts of simple, but then quickly becomes much more challenging!

The graphics are perfect for the game and you can play the game in portrait or landscape mode. The music is created dynamically and adds a lot to the gameplay. This game is worth checking out for anyone that likes the classic look and enjoys a good distance game!

[youtube Scok2QNzwTE]

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