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Titanic Rescue

Posted on 28 February 2010 by TBS


Donut Games
App Store: Titanic Rescue $0.99
Pretty much self explanatory according to the title. The Titanic is sinking! Your job is to save the passengers. The tools at your disposal are life rafts and other flotation devices. The passengers will be at their windows waiting for you to “flick” them to safety. If you wait too long the passengers begin to jump ship. When you flick a passenger into the air you must grab the raft and make sure you catch them. If your boat is full or no flotation device is available you will lose a splash. You only have so many splashes before you lose. Think of a splash as a life. To top it all off the passengers are color coded. If you can match the passenger color to the same color flotation device you gain more points.

The game is challenging. Remember, there are no save points or levels to choose from. You need to last as long as possible. Once you lose you start from the beginning again.

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