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Steam Wars

Posted on 15 April 2010 by TBS


App Store: Steam Wars $1.99

Steam Wars is a 3D game between two steamed powered robots battleing it out. Your objective is to destroy the enemy robot on the other side of the planet. Remember, each move will cost you some steam power. Each weapon consumes a certain amount of steam. So choose your strategy wisely. You have three weapons at your disposal. Each weapon can be upgraded during your game play. Your trusty go to weapon is the cannonball. Does the least amount of damage, but requires the least amount of steam power. The steam propelled rocket is the next best weapon you can use. The final weapon is the satellite. Nuke’em from space just to be safe. During game play you will able to move around for strategic positioning. Moving around also takes steam, so be careful.

The graphics are awesome. Game play is a lot of fun. Multiplayer would have propelled this game to the top, but it was never included. Lack of story and some sort of campaign mode would have made this a polished game front to back. Repitition does make the game short lived. Despite all that, the game is still fun to play and look at.

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