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Shuttle Dock

Posted on 30 March 2010 by Todd


Explore Systems, Inc.
App Store: Shuttle Dock Free

Shuttle Dock is a game that allows you to pilot Space Shuttle Atlantis as you try to doc the nose of the shuttle with various target crosshairs. The game features beautiful still background images that are provided by NASA. You control the space shuttle using thrust controls and are trying to doc with a target crosshair. The target will turn from yellow as you are getting close to lining up and the finally green once you are completely lined up. You must hold this position for three seconds and then you complete the docking and pass the level.

The game is very simple, yet it is actually fun. The background images are static so the only movement is the shuttle and you get to see the thrust actions. There is no background music, but there is really well done voice communication as you attempt to doc the shuttle. The targets actually become moving targets in the more difficult levels and that really helps keep things interesting. There are a lot of good levels in the base free version and then you can purchase additional levels. It might be more interesting if an update was released that would add malfunctions or flying objects/debris into the mix!

UPDATE: Joe was kind enough to let me know that there is in fact background music! I couldn’t hear it at my volume level, but turning it up a bit and you can hear the background music that actually is pretty nice. Thank you Joe!

[youtube PjgdJv7QAK4]

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