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Posted on 28 January 2010 by TBS


Studio FungFung
App Store: MiniSquadron $2.99 | Lite

After watching the video on the game play I knew I had to try this game out. I¬†downloaded it right away when I heard it had been released. The game did not disappoint me. I did not stop playing until I beat the game first time through. I had a lot of fun playing the game. I can’t say the same for my iPhone. The bottom corners where the controls are located were oily and dirty.

Mini Squadron has 8 areas with 12 waves of enemies per area. You have the chance to collect the planes that you have encountered giving you more options when flying. During battle you have many chances to collect stars that give you bonuses during combat. Be careful, the enemies can also pick up these stars and use the bonuses against you. If you fly to high your plane will stall. I have actually used that to my advantage when fighting the UFOs. They are nasty.

The sound effects are simple and clear. I enjoyed listening to the soundtrack of the game. It fits the game well. With the new update you can listen to your own music which is a big plus. The graphics of the game are cartoony with the focus being on the planes. This is nice since I can concentrate on the enemies and not be distracted by the background. Of course, I then forget to watch out for stalls or crashing into the ground.

The UI of the game is simple and perfect. As you know, I have issues when it comes to an over complicated UI. Someone who has not played this game before will be able to immediately pick up the device and begin playing. Very intuitive. Animation of the planes is smooth. At one point I thought I was the one doing the barrel rolls to right myself during flight, but actually that is not true. I then stopped trying to figure out the movement to cause the barrel rolls.

The gameplay is fast and fierce.

[youtube lEEIkfzC56I]

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  1. Android Says:

    This is like a glorious 8-bit coin machine game I used to play A LOT!
    It seems really well made!

    Me->Download the lite version now!

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