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Mad’O’Ball 3D

Posted on 13 April 2010 by Todd


Tommaso Lintrami
App Store: Mad’O’Ball 3D $3.99

Mad’O’Ball 3D is a really nice marble game with lots to offer. There are 32 levels in 4 different locations and each location includes a new theme and challenges. The accelerometer controls work great and there are also jump buttons which are used at various places to jump across gaps in the track and reach higher locations. The ball and tracks are 3D and the track overview when you start a level is a really nice touch that shows of the 3D environment.

The levels can be very challenging since you are racing against the clock to complete a level. The game warns you when turns or areas that you should be cautious around are coming, but you still need to make good time so be careful! The levels start to offer some really interesting gameplay challenges as you progress through the game like moving platforms.

The game has good sound effects, but I was not a fan of the music. OpenFeint is used for achievements and is again a nice little carrot to keep you playing. The menus are a little lackluster after seeing the nice 3D graphics of the tracks, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying out this game.

I really enjoyed playing this game and there is a lot of content. This type of game is great on the iDevices and worth a look!

[youtube VDZSjzL7Iv8]

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  1. Android Says:

    Ooooh. I just tried the Free version of this, and I must say I’m impressed.
    The physics it’s just marvelous, really feeling the marble rolling in my device. My best congrats to developers here. I’m thinking buying this game, it looks like is worth the 3.99$

  2. Breakdown Studios Says:

    Thank you Android!

    We will continue to support this title with new cool stuff!
    Stay tuned!

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