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Posted on 01 June 2010 by Todd


Inlogic Software

App Store: Footballz! $0.99 | Free

Footballz! is a casual football, or soccer for us in the US, arcade game where you collect yellow balls and try to avoid the white balls. The objective is simple: collect all of the yellow balls while avoiding the white balls. There are 4 different locations (grass, clay, wet grass, and sand) and 4 different types of bonus items.

This game is actually a fairly good casual game that is a lot of fun. As you collect yellow balls additional white balls are added to the field. You can collect random bonus balls, but be careful as not all of the bonuses are helpful! You will loose life if you get hit by a white ball, but you can always increase your life by collecting hearts that appear randomly.

[youtube pnBvuAunLig]

You can choose from 6 different characters and the different locations seem to affect the players ability to move smoothly and keep things challenging. There are OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards.  This is a fun casual game and the graphics are really nice. I think the game might do well to add some additional game modes like a goalie mode. Give the lite version a try today!

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