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Fly Away Rabbit

Posted on 20 March 2010 by Todd


Jonathan Parsons
App Store: Fly Away Rabbit $0.99

Fly Away Rabbit is a relaxing and fun physics puzzler. You have been called upon to help a bunny fulfill his dream of flying to the stars using a helium balloon (don’t ask him how he plans on getting back down).

There are various blocks blocking the way and it is your job to help remove these obstacles and help the bunny realize his dream. The different types of blocks have different ways of reacting when they are removed and can affect the balloon from landing peacefully on the cloud. You must guide the balloon to the cloud where it has to rest for a small period of time before you successfully pass a level. This is fairly easy for the first third of the game and then becomes more challenging.

There are 48 levels and this is really a fun game that actually kept me playing until I beat all of the levels. The art and music are great. The game is priced well at $0.99, but I could see additional levels being added and really increasing the value of this game in the future. This is a great game and the sequel could include getting the rabbit to the ground from the clouds?! 😉

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  1. John Says:

    If you’re looking for a taste of the game play check out the flash version:

    Must say this is an awesome iPhone game tho!

  2. Gene Stroker Says:

    you can be wrong about this one i found a video about it see for yourself

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