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Flower Garden

Posted on 22 February 2010 by Todd


Snappy Touch
App Store: Flower Garden $2.99 | Free

Flower Garden is an interactive flower gardening application that has lots to offer to those with and without a green thumb. Everything in Flower Garden is very well polished and makes great use of the device. You start off with several empty pots, seed varieties, and some fertilizer. You plant seeds into the available pots and then you can either water or apply some fertilizer. A dose of fertilizer will make the plant grow a full day’s worth immediately, or the other option is to water your plants and take a more organic approach. The plans grow faster than a real plant would grow, so it keeps you engaged. Once you have fully grown flowers you have the option to cut flowers to create bouquets. Once you have created a bouquet that you are satisfied with you can share the bouquet  by sending it via email or Facebook.

There is also a Flower Shop that allows you to purchase new seeds, fertilizer, pots, and a greenhouse to keep things interesting. You can either start with the full version or the free and purchase your way to all of the things that the full version offers by default. The application is very well done and the developer is constantly adding new features and items to the Flower Shop. Flower Garden is very forgiving for those that forget to water for a few days and you can always plant new seeds if you completely neglected any flowers for too long. I would highly recommend Flower Garden to anyone that needs a peaceful experience or enjoys gardening.

[youtube 0nM_5nxFSUM]

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