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Dogs Playing Poker

Posted on 11 May 2010 by Todd


App Store: Dogs Playing Poker $0.99

The name of the game says it all: Dogs Playing Poker! You are a dog playing Texas Hold ’em against four other dogs. The graphics, sounds, and gameplay are absolutely excellent! The concept of the other players being dogs really gives life to what would have otherwise been another card game.

You start off the game playing a tutorial round, which is one of the better tutorials that I have seen in any game in awhile. You are even given an option to bail from the tutorial once you have learned the basics or stick around for some more advanced instructions. The game offers everything you would expect for a game of Texas Hold ’em, but the dogs are a really great twist. Each dog has it’s own tell, so pay attention and learn each tell. There are quite a few different locations and also unlockable dog breeds.

The game has really good AI that can adapt to your playing. There are online leaderboards and various ways to brag about your poker skills. This is simply a great game that is a steal at the current price of $0.99. The various dog personalities and the great gameplay make this a game that will be worth playing for a long time!

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