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Crunchy Planets

Posted on 27 March 2010 by TBS

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Oniric Games
App Store: Crunchy Planets $0.99

Crunchy Planets is one of those fun games that you would play when in a waiting room or standing line. The object of the  game is maneuver the alien around space, eating planets you come across. You use the accelerometer to navigate your way through space. Do avoid black holes, missiles, asteroids and inhabited planets or you will die. When eating planets aim for a combo, if you can call it that, it will increase your points and give the next planet a substantial amount of points.  While being the universe’s  trash compactor you will run into power ups. The three power ups ghost, magnet and shield will help you while eating planets. You will encounter blue orbs in space. Eat three of these to become a giant and eat anything in your path.

The graphics are cute. I wish there was a soundtrack to the game, but listening to my own music filled that missing piece. The sound effects are great. There are no controls except for the accelerometer. Keeping it simple, I like. The game is simple and fun.

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