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Cross Fingers

Posted on 24 May 2010 by Todd


App Store: Cross Fingers $1.99

The creators of Edge have created a very interesting and unique puzzle game that is very well polished. Cross Fingers is a game where you create a tangram out of several smaller shapes. You move the shapes around by simply dragging to the desired location. There are sometimes fixed and movable obstacles in your way that make moving the shapes into place much more challenging. The puzzles are broken into 4 difficulties: easy, normal, hard, and pro. I found the puzzles to start getting more challenging once you reach the hard levels.

The game includes 120 levels and then you can also unlock an arcade mode where you really have to think quickly as more and more shapes are added to the board and you have to solve a tangram to remove shapes from the board. The normal game mode has a very relaxing feeling while the arcade mode is for those that really want to keep their brain in motion! The artwork and sound fit the game very well and Cross Fingers is a typical Mobigame that is very well polished.

[youtube N060Ti6EZFc]

There is a ton of reply value in Cross Fingers and this app is top quality! There is not much that would make this game better, so I would recommend checking it and all of the other Mobigames out.

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