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Dogs Playing Poker

Posted on 11 May 2010 by Todd


App Store: Dogs Playing Poker $0.99

The name of the game says it all: Dogs Playing Poker! You are a dog playing Texas Hold ’em against four other dogs. The graphics, sounds, and gameplay are absolutely excellent! The concept of the other players being dogs really gives life to what would have otherwise been another card game.

You start off the game playing a tutorial round, which is one of the better tutorials that I have seen in any game in awhile. You are even given an option to bail from the tutorial once you have learned the basics or stick around for some more advanced instructions. The game offers everything you would expect for a game of Texas Hold ’em, but the dogs are a really great twist. Each dog has it’s own tell, so pay attention and learn each tell. There are quite a few different locations and also unlockable dog breeds.

The game has really good AI that can adapt to your playing. There are online leaderboards and various ways to brag about your poker skills. This is simply a great game that is a steal at the current price of $0.99. The various dog personalities and the great gameplay make this a game that will be worth playing for a long time!

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Red Conquest

Posted on 10 May 2010 by Todd


Cat in a Box Games
App Store: Red Conquest $1.99

Red Conquest is a real-time strategy game that is chalk full of story, features, and fun! The game is easily worth $3.99 and now includes both Episode 1 and Episode 2. This is simply the best RTS game for the iPhone! You need to invest some time to really grasp all that this game has to offer.

The game was actually a bit confusing to me at the beginning and the tutorial felt more like an advanced level. I was still trying to grasp the story, controls, and such while the tutorial level made me feel like I had fallen behind in class a bit. I kept with the game and actually after the first 3 levels I really started to enjoy the game. I do not typically like the space setting for RTS games, but I really got into this game. There are interesting cut scenes between levels and they are a little hard to follow at first, until you get a better grasp for the story.

The controls are really great, once you get the hang of them. There are a good number of unit types and learning how to properly control and filter the different types of units is key to success. Make sure you take the time to visit all of the different “Tutorial Screens”.

There are three modes of gameplay: Campaign, Challenge, and Local Multiplayer. This game would be a blast in a little LAN setting! The graphics and sound are well done. I would recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of RTS games. You should give the game a try now while it is on sale for 50% off the normal price!

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Pocket Legends

Posted on 23 April 2010 by TBS

**** 1vote

Space Time Studios
App Store: Pocket Legends FREE

Finally an MMO that has me excited. This review is for the iPhone version. The differences between the iPad and iPhone are minimal. You choose from three different classes to play the game. The game is in 3D and offers some good camera control with zooming and rotating. The three classes are an archer eagle, bear warrior and an elven mage. It is not an open world type MMO, my first disappointment, and you are forever stuck to play instance after instance. There isn’t much of a story line, but what is there ties itself to the action. With it not being an open world I found it to be a fun and addicting MMO. There are plenty of players as I have yet to play an instance alone which is nice. Having other group members to help makes it fun.

The game is free to download, but after level 13 it will require you to purchase packs to advance in level. The price for the packs are reasonable ranging from .99 to 1.99. You can still play without purchasing the packs you will just not be able to level and acquire weapons.

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Solomon’s Keep

Posted on 22 April 2010 by TBS


App Store: Solomon’s Keep $0.99*

This has got to be my most favorite game right now. I cannot put my iPhone down. Snatch this up while it is still .99 cents. *I can guarantee you that it will not be this price for much longer. You take on the roll of an apprentice magician. It is time for you to shed yours robes of an apprentice and become a full fledged wizard. Your teachers will not bestow the title upon you until you have proven yourself outside of the school of wizardry. You must go to Solomon’s keep and defeat the evil wizard. You must make your way up to the very top of the keep and face Solomon Dark. You will encounter all sorts of evils. You control the apprentice with your left thumb and fire your offensive spells with your right. Leveling up lets you choose what to upgrade. I haven’t figured out how to see the complete list to upgrade. As of right now it will only show me three skills to upgrade. Besides the controls there are four small icons on the screen that serves as your menu: Help, skill change, inventory and overhead map. This game is a cross between Diablo and Zelda.

I am thoroughly enjoying this game. The graphics are very good. The sound effects and music really add to the game play. I am keeping my fingers crossed for an iPad version.

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Jimmy Pataya

Posted on 17 April 2010 by Todd


Paladin Studios
App Store: Jimmy Pataya $0.99

Jimmy Pataya is an adrineline junkie that decided he couldn’t wait to strap on a parachute and would worry about that later, it was time to jump out of an airplane! You control Jimmy as he is free falling to Earth and you tilt your device left or right to rotate Jimmy around a pole that goes down to the ground. There are various platforms attached to the pole that you have to avoid as you fall and see how far you can make it!

The graphics are awesome and there is an effect that really makes it feel like you are rushing towards the ground. The game also has great sound effects and music.The controls really work well for this game and are easy to pickup. There are high scores and you can Tweet your score. Paladin Studios created Jimmy Pataya in just two weeks, so there are no achievements or other challenges other than trying to see how far you can make it before hitting one of the platforms. This is a fun game for $0.99 and hopefully the developer will release an update that adds more challenges or something along those lines.

[youtube Wf642aaxARM]

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Steam Wars

Posted on 15 April 2010 by TBS


App Store: Steam Wars $1.99

Steam Wars is a 3D game between two steamed powered robots battleing it out. Your objective is to destroy the enemy robot on the other side of the planet. Remember, each move will cost you some steam power. Each weapon consumes a certain amount of steam. So choose your strategy wisely. You have three weapons at your disposal. Each weapon can be upgraded during your game play. Your trusty go to weapon is the cannonball. Does the least amount of damage, but requires the least amount of steam power. The steam propelled rocket is the next best weapon you can use. The final weapon is the satellite. Nuke’em from space just to be safe. During game play you will able to move around for strategic positioning. Moving around also takes steam, so be careful.

The graphics are awesome. Game play is a lot of fun. Multiplayer would have propelled this game to the top, but it was never included. Lack of story and some sort of campaign mode would have made this a polished game front to back. Repitition does make the game short lived. Despite all that, the game is still fun to play and look at.

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Ground Effect

Posted on 14 April 2010 by Todd

***  5votes

Glenn Corpes
App Store: Ground Effect $2.99

Ground Effect is really fun racing game that is similar to whip’Eout”, but more realistic! This game is simply awesome with incredible 3D graphics, challenging tracks, and is very smooth. If you are not familiar with the concept of ground effect vehicles then you should read up about them on Wikipedia here. This is not sci-fi and this game does a great job of bringing this really cool vehicle to the iPhone.

You have the option of selecting from many really well designed 3D crafts with various paint jobs. There are 14 levels and they get challenging really quickly and offer a lot of replay as you try to get the best time possible. You must place in one of the top three finishing spots to unlock the next level. You use the accelerometer to turn left and right, while using two peddle buttons as boost and brakes. The sensitivity of the controls takes a little getting use to, but the controls work great once you get use to them. You gain more boost over time or by passing through gates (between two flags). If you miss a gate then boost is taken from your meter, so be careful!

The tracks are really well done and offer awesome terrain. The jumps are amazing and really add a lot to the gameplay. There are three modes of gameplay: Race, Ghost Race, and Just Cruise. Ground Effect uses OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards. The music and sound effects are great. There is also the option to play your own music, which is always nice.

This is one of the best racing games that I have played on the iPhone and I would highly recommend giving this one a try. There is a lot of gameplay here and as Glenn mentioned, in our interview with him, more levels are on their way!

[youtube 30UBj6vfshU]

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Mad’O’Ball 3D

Posted on 13 April 2010 by Todd


Tommaso Lintrami
App Store: Mad’O’Ball 3D $3.99

Mad’O’Ball 3D is a really nice marble game with lots to offer. There are 32 levels in 4 different locations and each location includes a new theme and challenges. The accelerometer controls work great and there are also jump buttons which are used at various places to jump across gaps in the track and reach higher locations. The ball and tracks are 3D and the track overview when you start a level is a really nice touch that shows of the 3D environment.

The levels can be very challenging since you are racing against the clock to complete a level. The game warns you when turns or areas that you should be cautious around are coming, but you still need to make good time so be careful! The levels start to offer some really interesting gameplay challenges as you progress through the game like moving platforms.

The game has good sound effects, but I was not a fan of the music. OpenFeint is used for achievements and is again a nice little carrot to keep you playing. The menus are a little lackluster after seeing the nice 3D graphics of the tracks, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying out this game.

I really enjoyed playing this game and there is a lot of content. This type of game is great on the iDevices and worth a look!

[youtube VDZSjzL7Iv8]

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5-in-1 Reflex Game: Super Reactor

Posted on 12 April 2010 by TBS


Vee Games
App Store: 5-in-1 Reflex Game: Super Reactor $0.99

This game packages 5 games in 1. Each one is designed to test your concentration and eye to hand reflex actions. The following games included are:

1. Simple Test – There is a red button on the screen. As soon as the button turns green you must press it.
2. Duck Hunt – Quickly stop the ducks from running across the screen.
3. Sheep Catch – The same as duck hunt. You must stop the sheep from running from one end to the other.
4. Base Ball – A little bit more complicated. There is no visual of a baseball. The pitcher winds up and throws. You must start your swing at the first sign of the pitcher winding up.
5. Brake Test – This one is pretty tricky. There is a car on the road and you must apply the brakes before hitting any pedestrians. Remember to hit the brakes early or you will skid into the people on the crosswalk.

Each of these games are designed to test your reflex skills. I did start picking up a trend on time when it came between intervels of reflex action. Could be just me, and not the game being set to a certain amount of time between actions. Overall a good set of games to test one’s skills.

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Posted on 10 April 2010 by TBS


App Store: OddBlob $2.99

OddBlob is a claymation arcade game. The object of the game is to bounce from end of a tile map to the other. Along the way there will be fruit and slices of cake that you can pick up for extra points. When you land on a slice of cake you will be taken to “bonus” round. There you will have to strategize a way of getting a slice of cake with the most combo moves to it. Be careful while jumping your way across the tiles. Some tiles will disappear on you. There are other tiles that will help or hurt you during the process. Arrows will cause you to jump in the direction they are facing. Double arrows will cause you to jump two tiles in the direction it is pointing. The target looking tiles will cause you to jump in the direction you are pointing at the time of landing on it.

The game is neat. I like the concept, and the graphics are really good. The soundtrack gives a good feel to the game. I can’t say that about the sound effects. My only problem was the if I wasn’t precise in the direction of the jump I would accidentally jump to the side. I have big fingers. The game has an overall good feel to it, and I enjoyed my time playing it.

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