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Posted on 23 February 2010 by Todd


Planet Blue Art
App Store: Arukone Free

Arukone is a classic Japanese game where the objective is to connect similar shapes. This sounds more simple than it is in practice! You cannot have any connecting lines overlap and to complete a level you must draw lines on all of the open paths. There is a hint button that will show you what move you should make next, but the hint button will disappear if used to much. The interface is what you would expect for this type of game. The puzzles are quite challenging and not meant for the faint of heart (or small children).

This free version of the game comes with 10 levels that give you a really good taste of what Arukone has to offer. Arukone is a great game for anyone that loves matching and path finding puzzles. The full version of the game contains 200 levels and a bunch of level packs that can each be purchased for $0.99 and include 100 levels each. I had fun playing through all 10 of the levels in the free version and could see myself playing through more. This is a great game to pickup and play when you have time.

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