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Posted on 01 February 2010 by TBS


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App Store: Addicus $1.99 | Lite

Questioning your ability = Simple Addition + (Colors * Time Limit). Welcome to Addicus. The game is extremely simple to play. The game gives you a number that is color coded to solve. Using the different colored mushrooms you must add up to the number given. You have a time limit in order to solve the addition problem. During game play there are various bonuses the player encounters. The bonuses depends on how fast you solve the addition problem and how many mushrooms you use. There is an Overdrive mode where you gain extra points. I have only done this three times. I think it is time to go back to school after failing to reach a certain point in the game, and lack of obtaining a certain amount of overdrive levels.

The graphics are fantastic and pleasing to the eye. The music to the main menu had me fooled. I first thought that the elevator music was going to be the main soundtrack to the game. I was wrong. The soundtrack is great. No learning curve, except for math 101, when it comes to the UI. There is the pause button at the top, and the rest is just tapping mushrooms to your heart’s content.

Current playability will keep you interested for only so long. Adding a different object that represents multiplication to the mix would really spice up the game. Another idea is to have the ability to play against a friend. Both players would see the same mushrooms, and must solve faster than the other. All in all, a great game to exercise our brains which we need more of.

[youtube dlT_NGGaL6E]

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