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5-in-1 Reflex Game: Super Reactor

Posted on 12 April 2010 by TBS


Vee Games
App Store: 5-in-1 Reflex Game: Super Reactor $0.99

This game packages 5 games in 1. Each one is designed to test your concentration and eye to hand reflex actions. The following games included are:

1. Simple Test – There is a red button on the screen. As soon as the button turns green you must press it.
2. Duck Hunt – Quickly stop the ducks from running across the screen.
3. Sheep Catch – The same as duck hunt. You must stop the sheep from running from one end to the other.
4. Base Ball – A little bit more complicated. There is no visual of a baseball. The pitcher winds up and throws. You must start your swing at the first sign of the pitcher winding up.
5. Brake Test – This one is pretty tricky. There is a car on the road and you must apply the brakes before hitting any pedestrians. Remember to hit the brakes early or you will skid into the people on the crosswalk.

Each of these games are designed to test your reflex skills. I did start picking up a trend on time when it came between intervels of reflex action. Could be just me, and not the game being set to a certain amount of time between actions. Overall a good set of games to test one’s skills.

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