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Pig Rush

Posted on 03 June 2010 by Todd


App Store: Pig Rush $0.99

Pig Rush is a fun twist on the distance running game that is family friendly and fun to play! The game is Charlotte’s Web meets Canabalt with a little volunteer firefighting action.

The graphics bright and fun. All of the platforms are 3D, while the other objects are 2D billboards that actually look really good mixed together. You tap the screen towards the bottom for a small jump or towards the top for a large jump. The pig can double jump one time before touching the ground again, which comes in very handy. There are little bees that mark other players scores, but you can eat these bees for extra points. Watch out for the camp fires and if you can get a fire hat it will make you fireproof for one fire collision. There is also a giant pig power up that makes you, well, a giant pig! As you go further into the world the platforms will actually move up/down to really make things challenging for our little pig friend.

[youtube b1W3oeQB3Nk]

This is a fun pickup and play game that really is clean and fun to play. These self challenging games are very popular in the App Store and Pig Rush is a nice addition.

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Posted on 02 June 2010 by Todd


App Store: Edge $2.99

Edge is one of those unique and rare games that does everything right! Mobigame has had legal issues with the name last year and this app has been in and out of the App Store as a result. With the legal issues finally resolved, Edge is here to stay!

This game is Qbert meets Labyrinth and we are talking about 110% awesome! You move a cube around the various 48 levels trying to find the exit point. Along the way you collect prisms to increase your speed and once you collect all of the prisms from levels 1-43 you will unlock levels 44-46. The level designs are incredible and there is a lot of interaction with switches and moving platforms. Each level has a really unique feel and become very challenging.

There is a really cool gameplay element called edge time and you use this by partially turning and holding in mid-turn while grasping on moving blocks. The use of edge time is required to complete some of the levels and also doubles as removing time from your overall time. The other interesting gameplay element is where you can move onto a special switch that will shrink your cube. This allows you to move to different areas that you could not otherwise fit into and also climb walls.

[youtube i_aB_ZkonGw]

The UI design is phenomenal and there are 18 unique music tracks that really fit Edge. The orientation and controls are completely customizable, so this game will play well for everyone. Edge is well worth the price and is in my opinion one of the top 10 best games in the App Store!

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Posted on 01 June 2010 by Todd


Inlogic Software

App Store: Footballz! $0.99 | Free

Footballz! is a casual football, or soccer for us in the US, arcade game where you collect yellow balls and try to avoid the white balls. The objective is simple: collect all of the yellow balls while avoiding the white balls. There are 4 different locations (grass, clay, wet grass, and sand) and 4 different types of bonus items.

This game is actually a fairly good casual game that is a lot of fun. As you collect yellow balls additional white balls are added to the field. You can collect random bonus balls, but be careful as not all of the bonuses are helpful! You will loose life if you get hit by a white ball, but you can always increase your life by collecting hearts that appear randomly.

[youtube pnBvuAunLig]

You can choose from 6 different characters and the different locations seem to affect the players ability to move smoothly and keep things challenging. There are OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards.  This is a fun casual game and the graphics are really nice. I think the game might do well to add some additional game modes like a goalie mode. Give the lite version a try today!

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