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Posted on 29 January 2010 by TBS


Semi Secret Software
App Store: Canabalt $2.99

I actually played this game before it was released on the iPhone. I was excited when I heard it was going to the iPhone. The entire city is going down in a blaze of glory. Destruction at its finest. You start off in an office building running towards the window. From then on it is jumping from building to building to escape the inevitable. During the jumping and running there are obstacles that will appear; the chairs, crates, crumbling buildings and occasional satellites plummeting from the heavens. The satellites are the hardest. They crash down when least expected. I use the chairs and crates to my advantage to slow me down when the speeds get insane.

This game is as simple as it gets folks. You only need to touch the screen when you need to jump. The character moves automatically at increasing speeds. The jump is processed in three different ways. A light tap will cause a quick and short jump. A medium tap will give it a good distance jump, and the of course the long tap which gives you olympic length jumps with a touch of hang time. Nothing to it. The music is fast paced adding to the overall ambiance of the game. Catchy music.

The UI is extremely simple. Tap anywhere on the screen to jump. If you need to pause the game then the pause button is at the top of the screen. The game is fun and addicting. Definitely a game I turn to when at the theater waiting for a movie. It becomes repetitive after the umpteen time of trying to pass 5000 meters. What would enhance the game is the ability of playing in major cities like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Dubai or Vancouver. The landscape would look different making it less repetitive.

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Posted on 28 January 2010 by TBS


Studio FungFung
App Store: MiniSquadron $2.99 | Lite

After watching the video on the game play I knew I had to try this game out. I downloaded it right away when I heard it had been released. The game did not disappoint me. I did not stop playing until I beat the game first time through. I had a lot of fun playing the game. I can’t say the same for my iPhone. The bottom corners where the controls are located were oily and dirty.

Mini Squadron has 8 areas with 12 waves of enemies per area. You have the chance to collect the planes that you have encountered giving you more options when flying. During battle you have many chances to collect stars that give you bonuses during combat. Be careful, the enemies can also pick up these stars and use the bonuses against you. If you fly to high your plane will stall. I have actually used that to my advantage when fighting the UFOs. They are nasty.

The sound effects are simple and clear. I enjoyed listening to the soundtrack of the game. It fits the game well. With the new update you can listen to your own music which is a big plus. The graphics of the game are cartoony with the focus being on the planes. This is nice since I can concentrate on the enemies and not be distracted by the background. Of course, I then forget to watch out for stalls or crashing into the ground.

The UI of the game is simple and perfect. As you know, I have issues when it comes to an over complicated UI. Someone who has not played this game before will be able to immediately pick up the device and begin playing. Very intuitive. Animation of the planes is smooth. At one point I thought I was the one doing the barrel rolls to right myself during flight, but actually that is not true. I then stopped trying to figure out the movement to cause the barrel rolls.

The gameplay is fast and fierce.

[youtube lEEIkfzC56I]

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Posted on 18 January 2010 by TBS


Touch Foo
App Store:
Soosiz $2.99 | Lite

Soosiz is the first game by Touch Foo. Don’t let the graphics fool you; any other graphics and this wouldn’t be Soosiz. The music and sound effects are OK. It is what you would expect from a platform game like this.

The game play is unique. I really like the gravity element for each “planet”. I don’t know what else to call it. I will call it platforms for the review. Jump to a platform and gravity will take hold; adjusting the view for you. It gets pretty intense in some levels leaving me dizzy with the platform jumping and gravity switching. In the game you have to rescue your little friends which in turn give you special abilities. Other added game elements are collecting gold coins. 100 gold coins gives you Star Power. Star Power is the same concept as in Mario. It makes you invincible letting you run through enemies. I really enjoyed the secret blue coin levels. You need to collect 50 blue coins within a certain time limit. The physics for the blue coin levels is perfectly done.

The controls are simple and everything is on the screen. It is intuitive and simple. This is my biggest caveat. I do not like D-pads, hunting around menus for gameplay controls or overly complex flow of gameplay. Soosiz has exactly what I am looking for, a good gameplay flow. If I want something complex I will go play Eve Online.

I am always on the look out for anything unique when it comes to UI. Actually, I enjoy seeing new concepts of anything. Soosiz does something cool that I really like. The main menu changes to reflect the level you are currently on.

Soosiz delivers in a big way. This game comes highly recommended and will not disappoint. It is in my top five games, and will always be on my iPhone. I would love to do a live interview with the developers, hint hint.

[youtube JVowHErySnc]

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Posted on 18 January 2010 by TBS


Thunder Game Works
App Store: Trenches $0.99

Thunder Game Works has really put together an addicting game with Trenches. You control the british commandos in your fight against the Germans in this WW1 side view game. The object of the game is to make your way to other side of the map using an arrangement of specialized troops. You can use the trenches to your advantage for protection when fighting against the Germans. Don’t stay holed up too long or the Germans will use Fire Support and wipe out your men.

The graphics are well done and adds to the gameplay. The UI is simple and easy to understand. No hunting around hidden menus for game play objects. Everything is kept on one screen for easy access which is less confusing for the player.

The music and voice acting are well done. The only gripe with the game is that controlling more than one set of troops becomes a little tricky. Something that will really take this game to the next level is being able to play multiplayer.

Overall the game is well done, polished and addicting.

[youtube H-Z8BUK_Wd0]

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Go For Launch!

Posted on 16 January 2010 by Todd


We are proud to announce the launch of! This is the only site dedicated to providing reviews of only indie iPhone games. We will be posting our first reviews in the next few days.

As a way to say thank you to the indie iPhone developer and to try to get the word out about Indie Appolis, we will be giving away 2 months of 4 Top Banner and 12 Side Banner advertisement slots to the first 16 iPhone developers that contact us at You heard it here first, and this offer will end very quickly as soon as we start announcing the launch of this site on the various iPhone developer forums.

We look forward to providing iPhone gamers the information that they need about indie iPhone games and a place for the indie developer to actually get some visibility!

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