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Sunday Lawn

Posted on 10 March 2010 by TBS


Donut Games
App Store: Sunday Lawn $0.99

Sunday Lawn is a game that makes mowing entertaining. Trust me, there is nothing entertaining about mowing. Well, rocks and puppy surprises could make it entertaining. The object of the game is to mow an entire yard before progressing to the next level. The longer you can mow uncut grass the more points you accumulate. The trick is not to mow over grass that has already been mowed, and avoiding animals. During the course of the game you will encounter a spray can that will super charge your mower. Avoid the dog “mines”, they will cause you to lose points. There are some areas in the yard that are blocked. You must find the switches to open that section. Avoid all the animals. They will cause you to lose the level.

The graphics are simple, but make it entertaining enough for the game. The sound is basic. The sound of nature and mower in harmony. It is a good thing I have the ability to listen to my music while playing the game. The controls are a little weird. I would rather use the arrows than tilt and swipe. Using swipe would cause a delay in change of direction causing me to miss my turn. Despite the minor issue with the controls the game was very fun to play.

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