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Rocket Santa

Posted on 01 April 2010 by Todd

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Christopher Waite
App Store: Rocket Santa $0.99

We are a little late to review this Christmas game, but better late than never! Rocket Santa is a very simple game where you are Santa with a rocket pack. The objective of the game is to drop presents down certain chimney, while avoiding others.  This game is really a lot like Paperboy, but with a Christmas theme.

The pixel artwork is fantastic and alone enough to make you want to check out the game. There is no background music, but you can play your own and there are nice sound effects. The game is pretty short, but I could imagine another update coming out next season that could breath some fresh life into this game.

While you are checking out Christopher Waite’s games you might want to follow what he is doing on his next title here. Looks like this upcoming title is more ambitious than his first two.

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