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Boiler Blast

Posted on 06 April 2010 by Todd


App Store: Boiler Blast $0.99

Boiler Blast is a pipe connection game that includes an original twist. There are 48 levels with various difficulty settings and your objective is to connect the pipes before the time limit runs out and the boiler blasts!

The original twist to this pipe connection game is that the levels also contain rats that run around the screen randomly. Mr. Rat isn’t that much of a problem on the first 10 or so levels, but eventually he becomes a problem as you have to help move him out of areas that you need to lay pipe in! There is also a fun hammer tool that you can use to to sun the rats.

You lay pipe by selecting the type of pipe you want and then tapping onto an open tile. The pipe can be rotated by tapping on that pipe. Once you have connected all of the pipes you can tap on the boiler and the pressure will be released!

This is really a great game. The graphics and sound fit the game perfectly. I really like puzzle type games and this one is very well done. It might be nice to have some achievements and in app purchased level packs, but other than that Boiler Blast is very complete. Boiler Blast is a great deal at $0.99 and if you don’t already own the game give it a try today!

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